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We are proud of the movie,. Strutter | Facebook Strutter. A new film from Allison Anders and Kurt Voss Strutter: Munich Film Review - The Hollywood Reporter That being in a band is like being in a relationship is a point that Allison Anders’ and Kurt Voss’ Strutter makes very. Allison Anders is raising funds for "Strutter" a film by Allison Anders & Kurt Voss on Kickstarter!. Strutter · Lucy Montgomery: Elkie Zpittvar · Melanie Gray: Toff Wine Taster Spotlight: Allison Anders on Kickstarter | Unicorns | A Film By. Actors: Sara Ashley: Tessa · Iris Berry: Iris berry · Jade Gordon: Boutique Buyer · Terry Graham: Archie · Elyse Hollander. The last feature in a trilogy from award-winning. "Strutter" a film by Allison Anders & Kurt Voss by Allison Anders. Strutter (2012) - IMDb Director: Allison Anders, Kurt Voss. now playing Darktown Strutters -- (Movie Clip) Let's Party! Syreena (Trina Parks) is finishing winning her race against. 961 likes · 3 talking about this.. Strutter (TV Series 2006–2007) - IMDb Director: Jonathan Gershfield. why his 2004 movie 'Dear Frankie. Actors: Paul Kaye: Mike Strutter · Thaila Zucchi: Mrs. Darktown Strutters (1975) - TCM Turner Classic Movies Overview of Darktown Strutters, 1975, directed by William Witney, with Trina Parks, Edna Richardson, Sweet Bettye (Sweet Bettye), at Turner Classic Movies. Unicorns executive producer Allison Anders recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for her latest project Strutter. Strutter - Trailer - Cast - Showtimes - An overview of Strutter, including cast and credit details, a review summary, and more. Darktown Strutters -- (Movie Clip) Let's Party! title details and video sharing options. Darktown Strutters (Get Down and Boogie) (1974) - Rotten Tomatoes Review: A tough biker gang comprised of African-American women heads off to find a member's mother and her abductor in this exploitation comedy ostensibly..

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